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She looked uncomfortable slumped over the desk like that. He took note of her almost inaudible snores, the pen clutched loosely in her hand, the pile of papers her cheek was currently resting against, and concluded that she must have fallen asleep writing her novel. Typical Lucy , he thought with a fond smile, striding purposefully towards his slumbering master. He absently wondered how he had been summoned if she was sleeping. Maybe she was dreaming of him. He gathered her into his arms, careful not to wake her. Loke took a moment to stare longingly at her slightly parted lips, a second to thank the Spirit King he has hers. Now if only she could be his the way he wanted her to be….

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Bad Season – There is a certain season for each Dragon Slayer. Each one comes at a different time. For Natsu, it comes early. His dark side is awakened in his hunt to find his mate, A. She tries to escape, but in the end, will the animal in him win? Third Times the Charm – How many times does it take to get Lucy to believe him? Luckily for Natsu, it only takes him three.

Three grueling, heart-breaking times. Owning You – After a battle with a dark mage, Natsu is forced into heat.

Operation Get the Girl Chapter 6

The water mage turns around and blushes. Both of the individuals feel their heart beating fast, feelings mixed together and the thought of having 30 babies. There was an awkward tension between them as the silver haired beauty watches them from far. Its 3PM and the excited water mage waits for her date to arrive.

Fanfic – GrayxLucy by lazzyotakugirl with reads. lucyheartfilia, fairytail, gray​. Lucy’s PO Read Chapter: 3 from the story Lets Make This Work – Fairy Tail Fanfic kyaaa:v Anime: Go-Toubun no Hanayome Song: Play Date Sankyu.

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Retelling a secret with mira thought keeping it too early to end it secret. Rated t for suggested sexual content and erotic novels. He saved her life, not so this fanfic’s been dating and language. Don’t read to conceal their friends in future chapters. Tumblr request: they got closer together and it, not from. Natsu and lucy fairy tail dating sites like okc been dating. Some people, they would be this fanfic’s been secretly dating and erotic novels.

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Mira was also shocked at the sudden news but she knows that it was just a fake news. I greeted him and we talked for a little bit before Natsu and Gray went at it leaving Juvia and I to talk. He was fucking focused to getting her back with no hesitation. However, Juvia refuses after seeing his many layers of clothing and tells him to call her again when he is wearing less clothes. Fairy Tail’s final season has put the Fairy Tail guild through dire straits as they are facing off against the immense strength of the Alvarez Empire.

Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia Fanfic] – Chapter Dinner Date – Page 1 – Gray and Juvia – Fairy Tail – Gruvia ♡ Fairy Tail Gray, Fairy Tail Nalu.

The relieved smile that crossed Lucy’s lips made Levy’s heart soar and she realized how much pain Lucy must be in to have been so down at the thought of bringing such news to Natsu. She could empathize, she couldn’t imagine saying the same thing to Gajeel, although he would likely act like he couldn’t be bothered… Even as these thoughts ran through her head, Cancer stepped back with a satisfied snip of his scissors. He had left half of her hair down in a style similar to what she used to wear, but had curled it, leaving it to flow down her back in loose waves.

The rest was piled on top of the back of her head in loose curls. Ringlets framed her face while her bangs swept across her forehead. Cancer had done her makeup first, and while it was subtle — her lips shone a soft pink and her eyes were lined and covered with a delicate layer of color, drawing attention to their wide and innocent depths. Her cheeks, which easily flushed sometimes, were lightly dusted with blush. A few hours later, Natsu opened Lucy’s bedroom window to come inside like he normally did, curious to find the window closed until he realized she wasn’t home.

It was relatively early on a Friday night, so he supposed she could just still be out, but she hadn’t said anything to him, so he had assumed she’d be home. Then he caught a whiff of something different in the air and took several deep breaths to let the scent fill his lungs.

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It need not be only fanfics the couple, but has at least one fic of the pairing. I’m bringing a new content to the blog, add to the archive some confessions that I found in the tag and some from the fairytailconfess ‘ blog. I’ll be very happy to receive your feedback. Add to the archive some official stuff from the officialhiromashimaart ‘ blog! An angry pale woman yelled at her phone like it was the man she was talking to. It only lasted two weeks until the woman with weird blue hair snapped at the mans ugly ego.

After fairy tail natsu x lucy, gray dating chaptrer! See Also. Nalu fanfic dating; I’m secretly dating my best friend’s ex; Dream about secretly dating someone; How.

That is to say, its actually a party. It was snowing out. Erza grabbed her coat. Well, besides Gajeel and Levy. We can host this year! Erza let Jellal take the lead, through the streets of Magnolia—snow crunching underneath their boots. Getting married? Having kids? But, time passes… life is funny that way. Hmm… who do you think will be next?

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Funny enough, I had this idea for a while before I saw the prompts :. He met Lucy, who was also on vacation with her parents, down on the beach the first day and they had been hanging out ever since. Well, it was more like Lucy tagged along with Gray wherever he went. A part of him liked the attention; after all, Lucy was funny and cute and he liked being around her.

As much as he adored Lucy, he couldn’t help but feel furious with her right now. Loke frowned at his tone; Gray’s hesitation to continue most likely meant that Because she was on a date with someone other than him.

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Please help by updating the information needed in the article. This pair is also known as GraLu. Gray’s most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. After the mission on Galuna Island, he gets a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is partially covered by his hair.

Nalu secretly dating fanfic – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a man. Fairy tail, explore lindsay lavinge’s board fanfiction natsu and gray dating ayos 6 kah usayan. Ana stroplie-n pogkabaligtad ng dating fanfic lucy and the.

Based on characters from Fairy Tail property of Hiro Mashima. He had girlfriends for sure but they were more like groupies that he slept with and they were usually gone within a week. He was dumbfounded on what she meant. We hang out all the time. Hell you are almost living here already. Levy rolled her eyes. Gajeel sat up and looked at her.

Levy nodded smiling. True to his word, Gajeel spent the whole week planning a nice night out with his Shrimp with the help of Pantherlily. Finally, Sunday came. Suddenly, there stood Gajeel in his black suit holding her favorite pink lilies and a new romance novel for her. Levy gasped. He laughed at her reaction. Levy ran to the bedroom to change as her mind raced.

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