This Woman Created an “Exit Interview” for the Man She Dates and It’s Hilarious


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A college student created a dating ‘exit survey’ to question her exes — and it’s so clever

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This Woman Created an “Exit Interview” for the Man She Dates and It’s Hilarious. By Mustafa Gatollari. Updated 2 years ago. Modern romance is.

Modern romance is super tricky and when things don’t “pan” out for you with a potential significant other, then it’s easy to feel down-and-out and sorry for yourself. Which is never a good mindset to be in. Dates that go south ultimately leave you with a lot of questions, too. No one wants to get that phone call or text where someone’s telling you that they “just didn’t feel that spark” during that initial interaction.

Maybe you didn’t feel that “spark” either, but darn it, don’t you wish the other person was just a little more interested in learning more about you? If only there was a way to gather useful data from the people you dated so you could work on your personality to make it more fulfilling for you and attractive to others! Well, there is one way, but it’s a weird, if not totally hilarious method constructed by this Twitter user and modern-dating wunderkind by the name of Katie.

Now, we’ve seen some other ingenious ways of securing romantic partners in the past , but this one is a bit different. Katie decided to concoct an exit interview for the people that she dated in order to come up. It looks like she did it in an official-looking Google form and everything. No, I’m not kidding, scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Take notes, people.

Woman brilliantly creates exit interviews for every man she dates, and the internet is howling.

I have recently been helping a friend write her internet dating profile. Exit interviews , like break ups, can be an emotional affair. But in order to form healthy relationships in the future, it is vital that you are completely clear on all the reasons that person is leaving you. Avoiding these questions will only lead to later heartache. Exit interviews are one of the many reasons you should love your HR team, they will be equipped and trained to dig down and get the hard facts.

Some Questions from a Dating Exit Interview. What were the most important factors, facets and traits in your deciding to take on a new suitor?

Subscriber Account active since. Dating can be hard and breakups almost inevitably leave unanswered questions — even if you were seeing someone casually. That’s why Katie Miller , a year-old student at Georgetown University, recently started sending a standardized “exit survey” to everyone she dates. Her survey went viral on Tuesday after her friend Abby Govindan , a year-old college student and stand-up comedian, shared it on Twitter.

Miller’s questions are pretty straightforward, encouraging men to examine such things as, “What is wrong with Katie? Only some questions are mandatory. Miller also asks if her exes would “like to remain on the mailing list” if “another opportunity opens up. Responses to the question, “What could Katie have done to enhance this experience for you? Answers included, “No biting,” “Come to some bars with me,” “visited maine,” “More tater tots,” and “Give me a shoulder massage.

Some suggestions. Courtesy of Katie Miller.

Listen to Lewis do an exit interview with his ex-girlfriend

The Soldier should be completely out-processed before conducting the interview. You want the Soldier to be able to speak freely without pressure or fear of reprisal. Conduct the interview in a relaxed an professional manner.

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You tell somebody you need space, and they blow up your phone with texts. You can cry with your friends over a pint of ice cream and break down every Instagram like and casual comment OR you can just…. According to Abby, Katie sends this Google form to everyone she dates or even casually hooks up with as a way to assess where her game needs improvement.

I also appreciate that Katie is fishing for more numbers and keeping her Little Black Book updated. A Rolodex is a collection of cards with numbers on them for when you need to call people. Calling is what we used phones for before texting. Okay, now back to Katie.

Why Dating Exit Interviews Should Exist

As useful as they may be, exit interviews are trailing indicators, not leading ones. The departing employee has already moved on. This metric, while important, assesses disengagement retroactively.

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A WOMAN has been praised online for the innovative way she deals with break ups, with people calling her method the “work of a genius”. We all know break ups can be messy, but one woman named Katie decided she didn’t have times to get bogged down in feelings and has come up with a brilliant way of making break ups as clean as possible. Anytime one of her relationships end, Katie sends her ex an exit interview so he can offer feedback on ways to improve in her future dating endeavours. Katie’s friend Abby shared a copy of the survey on Twitter, along with the caption: “There’s this girl I know who sends an exit survey to every guy she casually AND seriously dates.

The survey includes questions like: “What is wrong with you? Finally dating has the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always needed,” one user said. One added: “‘What is wrong with you? It’s yielded hilarious answers.

Woman Creates An Exit Survey… For Dating

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Actress Carey Mulligan discusses her film “Wildlife”; “Top Talker” college student Katie Miller from Georgetown University with viral “Dating Exit Interview” story;.

The other day I paused — while deep conditioning my hair in the shower — and I began to think long and hard about what I did to screw up my last date with this guy I was starting to like. Like really like. We went out twice and after our second date, I dialed three people on my favorites list to tell them all about it. I go on dates, every so often, and after most of them I want to toss my phone across my living room and enter a time machine to go back three hours and pretend none of it ever happened.

He responded with one word. Ever again. Date two: I had him laughing and then halfway through lunch, we were making plans to explore The Museum of Natural History next weekend. With me. Or just really busy with work. They are the padding on the walls for us to slam into and then bounce off of and be just fine. After this one, I wanted to know what I did wrong.

Throw me a constructive criticism bone here, will you?

This woman created a brilliant exit interview for the men she dates, and the internet loves it

By Christian Gollayan. October 4, pm Updated October 4, pm. Miller told Insider she hopes this survey and constructive criticism improves her chances of finding the one. Nowadays, some millennials in cities are treating dating like a numbers game. Read Next.

Woman brilliantly creates exit interviews for every man she dates, and the internet is howling.

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Woman’s ‘genius’ reply to exes

Dating is fun, but it can be frustrating. There’s ‘freckling’ – dating someone in the summer, then dumping them in the fall. There’s ‘Gatsbying’ – trying to make someone jealous of your lifestyle on social media, like Gatsby threw parties to impress Daisy in the classic novel. Then there’s ‘giraffing,’ where, you rub our head against your partner’s backside until they pee, then drink the urine to see if they’re a good mate.

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I picked it up after reading your recommendation. My friends often tell me one date is not enough, so I thought the book might give me some insight into myself; perhaps I am being too critical when on dates. Why waste 4 or 5 dates, to learn about someone when you can do it all in one night? Well, that has been my thinking, but I can see now how un-romantic that is! There is something to be said about leaving some mystery and intrigue. Turning around Sadie Hawkins will be hard.

I have a friend that has told me that several times.

Dating Exit Interview Finds Love? Dating Advice Video

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